Technical Support LED Indicators:    what do they mean?                                LEDs Error condition:  battery disconnected or improperly connected, or battery voltage too low, or fuse blown, or batteries connected in reverse.  Unplug charger from powerchair and unplug AC power and try again.  Call service provider or powerchair manufacturer for service. Fast charging condition:  batteries are fast charging at maximum rate.  If the charger remains in this condition for more than 24 hours, disconnect and call for service. Float charging condition:  batteries are ready for use.  It is recommended that when the Charge LED turns green that it remain on charge for at least another 4 hours to maximize battery runtime and life.  At room temperature the charger may continue in this condition indefinately. BatteryMaximizerTM  All rights reservied.  BatteryMaximzierTM is a trademark of TruPower LLC